Thursday, April 14, 2011


all items remix'd
top: Gap
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Charles David
earrings: gift'd
necklace&tights: Loft
belt: Gap

I am slowly getting reaquainted with my closet. After wearing pretty casual clothes over the last two months, I am finally getting to accessorize!

black pencil skirt 02
This $15 skirt has definitely been a workhorse for me. At some point I feel like I should invest in something more substantial, but this will do for now.


LyddieGal said...

I bet if you tried, you wouldn't be able to find one you love more.

angie said...

It was nice to read about coming back to usa and how busy you got as soon as you landed.It's also nice to see you in your usual clothes again but with a brighter smile on your face.I wish for you that you start planning a new trip soon.I think I'm in need of one ,too.

Rebecca said...

That skirt looks great. I can see why it's a workhorse.

Anonymous said...

glad you are home and getting back into the swing of things! so good to get to see you often :-)

alexandra grecco said...

lovely ; )