Thursday, June 09, 2011

Crew'd out

all items remix'd
top, pants & shoes: J. Crew
cardi: Loft
earrings: gift'd
belt: Gap

I didn't realize most of what I wore here was from J. Crew until I wrote it all out. None of them were obtained at the same time because I don't buy "outfits," I just buy pretty things that I like; fortunately this method works for me because, look ma, everything matches!

I realize I am committing a major faux pas by wearing ankle strap shoes with short pants, but I don't mind. I will never have mile long model-esque legs so I wear with what sings to me that day.

brown dot top 01
I am starting to learn that even brown dotted tops can be a neutral base and match almost anything. This top is great for all seasons.


Rebecca said...

I like the shoes and pants together. It's a cute look.

Sal said...

Oh how I LOVE those colors!

laura said...

That's a faux pas? really? Because it shouldn't be. This whole look is lovely! I love the colors, the style, everything!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Melissa said...

Fashion rules are overrated. You look FANTASTIC! Keep wearing what makes you feel good because you always look good even when you're breaking "rules". :)

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Megan Mae said...

I'm wearing wide leg pants with flats today. Short legs all the way.

I think you look perfectly proportioned though. I love this mix of colors. It really does go perfectly.

Kelly said...

I really like your shoes and don't think you're committing a fashion faux pas at all. You look great!