Monday, July 11, 2011

Veintidós: I would wear these shoes everyday if I could

all items remix'd
20 top: Ann Taylor
18 shorts: Loft
16 shoes: BCBG
earrings: gift'd
bracelets: Calypso for Target

This summer I, like many of my fellow blogging fashionistas, have embraced shorts as a valid fashion statement. Of course I am trying to not wear them with only tees and tanks. To up their fashion ante, shorts have to be accessorized properly!

And what I think makes shorts more fashionable...fierce shoes, of course! If I didn't have to worry about my hamstrings getting too tight (heels are not the best for yoga practice) or tripping onto my face (5+ inch platforms can be difficult to navigate, depending on the terrain!), I would wear these everyday. They are surprisingly comfy and I love the way my legs look in them. Why is it that flat sandals are just not as appealing as massive heels?


Melissa said...

Oh those shoes ARE fierce! I love them! They're perfect with summer shorts too. You look great!

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Kayla said...

Those shoes are amazing! They look fantastic! I can imagine they aren't the best for yoga, but they must make you feel so killer during the day how could anyone blame you???

Beck, At Her Best said...

love the shorts, and those are some killer shoes! It looks like a great outfit for a hot summer day.

Style Journey said...

Those shoes are fantastic! They look great paired with your shorts and I love your ruffle top!

Megan Mae said...

Big heels and platforms are perfect for stomping around in. They make you feel and powerful. Great way for dressing up shorts. I finally caved and bought two pairs after I saw you dressing them up. It's just gotten to damned hot for pants.

dotty said...

when i get out of my thirty i am going straight for a shorts and heels combination! i'm kicking myself right now for not including any shorts in my picks!

dash dot dotty

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I completely agree- add pumps to a pair of shorts and va va voom! You look beautiful and I really love the ruffled top!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

your legs look amazing in them! and i ADORE that ruffled top! delish!

Rebecca said...

Those are some very awesome shoes!

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

What a great pair of shoes! I love how you incorporated a chunky heel with some real 'tude into an outfit that also has soft delicate features like ruffles and florals.

Like you, I'm starting to embrace shorts, too! I used to think they were too casual to be really stylish, but now I'm learning the virtues of shorts and a great pair of heels!

Anonymous said...

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