Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week in photos

2011 07 04 photo
On July 4th we at the end of the hubs' birthday celebration. Our dear friend MD was crowned MVP of the trip! We were in bed by 8 pm that night so missed the fireworks, although we had a few of our own in Miami :)

2011 07 05 photo
We went to our favorite running spot to get back into the swing of our workout routine after our vacation.

2011 07 06 photo
My last day playing with the fisheye lens. It's a fun toy to have, but I think I would rather invest in a newer camera first.

2011 07 07 photo
I seriously love Target. How cute are these mini Molekine notebooks? If I didn't already have a million tiny blank books lying around the house I totally would have bought these.

2011 07 08 photo
On Friday night we surprised our friend MW for his birthday. Everyone was finally recovered enough from the trip last week to have a glass of wine.

2011 07 09 photo
On Saturday we celebrated yet another friend's 40th birthday. There seem to be many birthdays this month!

2011 07 10 photo
And just a reminder to smile!


Laura (GeoInCalifornia) said...

I needed that smiley reminder! Because tomorrow is Monday.

I want to know what that Green Concoction is your MVP friend is holding.

Love the Fish Eye! Are they expensive to rent?

Ena said...

Your photos are always such fun! I agree those Moleskins are so pretty! But I too have a ton of tiny blank notebooks that prevent me from buying new ones :)


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a lot of b-date and fun....see you sooonnnn...