Friday, August 19, 2011

Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder

all items remix'd
top: Anthro
skirt: Nordstrom (old)
shoes: Ann Klein
sunnies: Dsquared
earrings&cuff: gift'd
bag: LV

I bought this skirt in 2005 to wear to a dear friend's wedding. I think I wore it exactly once. I never gave it away because it fit so well and had such a darling print, but I never knew when to wear it and the length was a bit I thought.

Fastforward 6 years later...with the Mad Men style revival, longer lengths and ladylike styles are more popular now. The skirt still fits perfectly, is lined and comfortable and matches a new top exactly! This is almost like having a new skirt without shelling out the cash.

2005 06 bj wedding 32b
Here I am at the aformentioned wedding, with my two besties from high school. We still see each other once a year even though we live on opposite ends of the country. And I could probably wear the same exact outfit today and be okay. Timeless style and timeless friends are always good things.

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of a whole lotta nothin'. And by nothin' I mean reading and catching up on my blogroll :)


Rachel said...

I am a hoarder, too. I make alot of my clothing and I just don't want to give something away that I might find some use for again. I have read that if you have something in your closet that you haven't worn in a year that you should get rid of it. I totally disagree. The problem that I am having is that I am running out of closet space.

matilda deathstar said...

It is posts like this that make it hard for me to clean out my closet :) Love the skirt it looks great on you.

Megan Mae said...

Fabulously on trend, and you didn't have to spend an extra dime. Plus hey you have all the good memories to look back on.

I wish I had more room to hoard. Sometimes it can be beneficial to be able to stock pile layering pieces, things that will come back in style, or pieces that aren't working now but will later.

Rebecca said...

I like the skirt, and the length is definitely in style right now!

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