Monday, August 29, 2011

Week in photos

I was playing around with my 50-mm 1.8 lens this past week.

2011 08 22 photo
The hubs. He's a cutie! I love being out during the "golden hour" before sunset and would take more photos then if it weren't so damn hot!

2011 08 23 photo
Baby buddha. Another cutie. He is getting some teeth, which explains the constant drooly mouth.

2011 08 24 photo
My mom cooks this Chinese dish with dried mushrooms which translate from Mandarin into "wood ear." I just figured it was another random Asian-lost-in-translation thing, so imagine my surprise to find out that woodear mushrooms actually exist!

2011 08 25 photo
Nothing is more yummy that baby toes to me.

2011 08 26 photo
A selfie for another exciting Friday night.

2011 08 27 photo
The temperature at 8 pm on Saturday night was 105. Seriously. Everytime I step outside I feel like I am baking in an oven.

2011 08 28 photo
This photo cracks me up. What did we do before IPhones and Blackberrys? Oh yeah, actually talk to each other. Now we just text or post on Facebook.


Rebecca said...

That is crazy hot! You must be looking forward to fall.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

That last picture is hilarious because isn't it so true nowadays? You make all this effort to get together with your friends after a long day at work or whatnot and what we all end up doing but spend the time with our noses in our technology!

Ena said...

The baby toes photo is so pretty! I love using dried "woodear" mushrooms (they're rather popular here in japan) but I'd never seen them raw :)