Monday, September 12, 2011

Week in photos

Observations for the week:

2011 09 05 photo
Cafe Express is a good substitute for a coconut stand to get yoga peeps together after practice.

2011 09 06 photo
I really need to cook more at home. Better food, less expensive and we tend to eat less too.

2011 09 07 photo
I wish I had an excuse to buy this hot pink coat!

2011 09 08 photo
This face is cuter and cuter everyday. He is also going to be crawling very soon; I can feel it!

2011 09 09 photo
My closet used to have a floor, but somehow my shoes have multiplied. They are like rabbits, I guess.

2011 09 10 photo
Joe wonders where his pizza is. This is probably the smallest pizza we have ever ordered from Collina's, a local Italian restaurant.

2011 09 11 photo
We remember.


'Tia said...


Anonymous said...

The only excuse you need to buy that hot pink coat is that it is FABULOUS!!!!!

Miriam Stella said...

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm...tofu... Looks yummy!

Here's a reason for you to buy a hot pink coat--because your readers would love to see you model it on your blog! I have a bright green coat that makes me stand out in the sea of black coats.

Style Journey said...

Great photos! How awesome is the pink coat? You should definitely get it! The baby is just adorable! And when you said your shoes multiplied like rabbits, we got a good giggle. Both of our closets look like this too :-)

Heather and Kayla

LyddieGal said...

haha, i love your shoe shot. I think shoes need to be all over the floor, or you will never wear them. I noticed a spider crawling inside a shoe box today that i haven't opened in months. if those shoes were on my floor, i'd probably have worn them dozens of times.

Chic on the Cheap

Rebecca said...

That pink coat is gorgeous!

Jimmy said...

Amazing post! :) All of the photos are amazing. Especially the salad. Ooh, this salad. :(

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