Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pass the pink please

all item remix'd
top: Anthro
pants: Express
shoes: 9West
earrings: gift'd
necklace: Collingnon Designs
bracelets: Banana, Calypso for Target

Is it weird that I actually own 3 different types of pink pants? These are the only pair that are really work appropriate but I just realized this fact. I guess if you know me, it's not really that weird.

These pants have been with me for 6+ years. They are still in great condition and, thankfully, still fit well.

2005 05 ee joe2005 06 bj rehearsal 26
I bought them in '05 and wore them to a couple rehearsal dinners that summer, so they have a lot of good memories associated with them. I think I didn't wear them for a few years after but I am so glad I kept them. I guess building a lifelong wardrobe will include different types of staples for different people; mine will always have some pink pants!

Everybody, Everywear | Colored Pants


Style Journey said...

Love your pink pants! I have a pair as well, and never wear them. They will need to come out soon after seeing yours :) Have a great day!


Tiffany said...

Just the fact that you can still fit into a pair of pants you've had for six years deserves some applause!! And that they're pink is a bonus! You look cute! =)

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love the pink pants! They look fantastic on you.

Sage said...

You look very carefree and sweet in your pink pants. Pink is another color that I find goes with almost everything. I'm in bright blue pants today.

Megan Mae said...

I love your pink pants! So cute, and I love how you paired them with that colorful print top. The darker colors makes it a little fall-ish. I feel the need to wear my own pink trousers now!

Rebecca said...

I like your pink pants! I wore pink pants today too.

Linda said...

These pants have withstood the test of time! They look good with the other pinks in your tops...I bet they look great with other colors, too.
Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

Terri said...

Sigh--I'm admiring this light pink. I want a pair of jeans in this exact color, but I thrift all my clothes and I haven't found them...yet. It's a great look.

LyddieGal said...

I know there are some people who have 30 pairs of blue jeans, so don't think twice about having three pairs of pink pants!

Chic on the Cheap

jeanofalltrades said...

Fantastic pants! I love the shade. Did you pair them with a pink vest in that group shot? Love it!

Claire said...

loving the pink pants! they look great on you. my daughter would've chosen those too. she's obsessed with pink. i have a pair of pink capris that i love. they actually match a lot of things!!!


Mommyblogger said...

I like your pink pants. I really wish I could wear the things I wore 6 yeas ago LOL :)

Sal said...

I think it's MARVELOUS that you own three pairs of pink pants! And this ensemble is so fab. Especially love the addition of the patterned shoes.