Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It was mayhem

I have been collecting Target collaborations since this first one by Proenza Schoeler back in 2006(?). My sister and I were in NYC for Fashion Week in February (we actually went to 2 shows - Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta, but that's another story) and found the Target pop-up shop, which was small and crowded but manageable.

Fast-forward to yesterday...I mistakenly didn't understand the magnitude of the frenzy over Missoni, which is understandable since this is the most recognizable name that done a line with Target (none of my real-life friends knew about Calypso, or Patrick Robinson or Liberty, you get the idea). So I drove to my local T after yoga practice, arriving about 8:01 AM. When I saw that the parking lot was half-full, I knew I was in trouble.

2011 09 Missoni 01
All I saw were these.

2011 09 Missoni 02
Which made for one sad style-blogger. I am holding a dress but it was a L and I ended up putting it back (someone else naturally scooped it up).

2011 09 Missoni 03
The hubs arrived before I did and get get his grubby paws on some men's stuff (I talked with him when I entered the store and he was laughing in disbelief as he described the absolute chaos that was going on in the women's department. "It was like they were practically looting the store!")

So the scene at our Target was pretty much what was described here. And because I am just that crazy, I immediately drove to the next closest store and actually found some things. And I managed to get online and buy a few other things. So watch out for some Missoni on a post near you.


Rebecca said...

I am shocked by how crazy people were over the Missoni stuff. I went to the store in the afternoon, and ended up finding a skirt that was hidden on a lingerie sale rack. I think it was the only women's clothing item left, and it was my size.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't bring myself to go. I was scared of being trampled to death. Yeah, I'm going to stick with online shopping.

LyddieGal said...

Wow, that is crazy!
I considered going, but after hearing about the craze and the 'looting' I'm glad I stayed away.
I'll grab some stuff once all the crazies who over bought return it.

Chic on the Cheap

Elaine said...

Oh, my goodness... That's seriously crazy!!!

Tabitha said...

Wow I can't believe you braved it! Lucky your hubby grabbed some stuff.

Anonymous said...

I didn't go but I hear that it was seriously crazy at Target's everywhere. Who would have thought?