Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Over the last month I received 2 bloggy awards from
Megan and

Tia, respectively.

So seven random things you never wanted to know about me:
1) I carry at least 2 cameras with me at all times, usually my SLR and a point-and-shoot. I think my new IPhone is going to be replaced the PAS as I only took 4 photos with it on this most recent trip and about 180 with the IPhone.

2) I love coffee from my French press. Since returning from India in March, I have
been addicted to drinking a big cup every morning before yoga practice.

3) I am an early bird by nature and rarely get anything productive done past 8 PM.

4) Laundry is a chore that I don't hate because it has a finite ending.

5) My nephews are my two newest loves.

6) Getting to really know me takes a long time, but once you are in, I will love you forever. Just don't piss me off. :)

7) I am and will always be a goofball at heart.

2011 10 ee nyc 01

Thanks ladies, this was fun!


Style Journey said...

These posts are so fun! I love learning about bloggers and finding out that we usually have lots in common. Coffee is my friend :) I also don't let people in very easy, but once you get in my circle I will be your friend forever! Heather

'Tia said...

You're welcome!

'Tia of www.fatandfierce.com

Rebecca said...

I always carry a point and shoot and my iPhone, but I usually leave my DSLR at home.

Megan Mae said...

Coffee - the lifeblood! I feel laundry is never ending. I have two loads that need doing now. Thanks for sharing with us. ;D