Thursday, April 26, 2012

week in the life | wednesday

Getting up early this week has been quite a challenge for us. I like to be up for at least an hour before yoga practice at about 6 AM but more is better just to warm my body up. Unfortunately the bed is sometimes just to comfortable!

I call myself a bag lady in the morning - purse, lunch bag, gym can get pretty heavy!

I love DD's expression here and wish the photo was in better focus. The main thing I don't like about my big camera is that the screen is so small (it's a Nikon D50, almost 7 years old) that what looks in focus on the camera is not when it's uploaded.

I always try to make sure I give my nephews equal love and camera time. They are both so stinkin' cute and sweet that it's not very hard! JJ is purposefully out of focus in this photo as I wanted to take a picture of Dog,  without whom he doesn't leave the house. Asking a 29-month-old to keep his lovey still to take a photo is harder than it looks :)

I made a conscious effort to drink more water today. This mug was stolen from Joe and reminds me of him during the day.

Yesterday was too pretty to spend the whole day inside, so I took advantage of a long lunch and ate outside.

Joe working from home. He's the king of multiple monitors.

I borrowed a pair of flats from my sister because wearing heels all day tightens my hamstrings too much for yoga practice the next day. Sigh. As much as I love them, I think I may have to give heels up if I want to deepen my practice.

dress&cardi: Loft / shoes: borrowed / sunnies: Gucci / earrings: gift'd
And I actually got an outfit photo in. I think I have been unmotivated to take remix photos because I seriously haven't gone shopping in a month and am wearing the same old stuff. I don't mind but it doesn't make for interesting style-blog material. Or does it?
{Most photos taken with 35mm 2.0 lens}


dawn said...

Great photos for the day, so many to love. Laughed at your "bag lady" photo, too cute.

Hooray for outfit photos, love the dress and shoes.

Your son is so cute in that photo!

WOW your hubby is amazing, I can barely work just my one computer.

I'm hoping to sit outside today and soak up the sun also.

Enjoy the rest of your week!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Dawn Cosgrove said...

Love your photo's!! Those flats are awesome! And your outfit for the day was very pretty, great job capturing your Wednesday!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that pic your hubby with multi monitors because my BF is so getting there. He's currently got two laptops going and he wants some monstrous large monitor on his home office wall to be some sort of control center. Men.

Megan Mae said...

Love the pink flats. There are a lot of really cute flats out there so I don't think you'd be losing a lot by making the switch. I've been moving more towards flats myself for my knees.

I like your remixes. It's real style with a real closet. I think you include interesting content in your blog that a completely new outfit everyday is not necessary.