Tuesday, June 12, 2012

project life | week 21

{May 20-26}
Untitledfull spread without insert
I sound like a repeating record, as do many Project Lifers out there, but still loving this project.

Untitledfull spread inserts right side
The week started with my birthday (always bittersweet - I love the celebrating but hate the getting older part). So happy to have a place to keep my cards now.

Untitledright side
I went a bit more scrappy-style on this side. I have so much scrapbooking crap that I am trying to use up. Some of this paper is from 2006 or '07. Not sure what I was saving it for!

Untitledfront of cards
One of my high school girlfriends is so thoughtful and sends me a card on my birthday every year. I wish I could say I was just as thoughtful but unfortunately I am not. Hopefully this will be a reminder to me.

Untitledinsert front side
I bought a pack of the new G style page protectors and I love them. You can use both vertical and horizontal 4x6 photos on the same page, as well as some 3x4 slots.

Joe organized a painting party for us and our friends for my birthday. Painting is definitely a creative outlet I enjoy, but I like the copy cat method at Pinot's Palette instead of trying to think of something myself.

Untitledinsert back side
Once we finished painting we went over to Boheme for drinks and cake! Is that E not my perfect shade of pink? And I love that Ting surprised me by bringing the boys over to help celebrate.

Untitledright side
I kept the rest of the spread pretty simple.

week 21 full spread insert leftfull spread insert left side
My album is becoming pretty fat. I hope to be able to get all of June in the album and start a second volume for the last half of the year.

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