Tuesday, August 07, 2012

project life | week 30

{July 22-28}
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Still keeping it simple and still loving every little bit.

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Since I count my week from Sunday to Saturday, the weekend gets broken up, so some "events" may seem repetitive. What I am learning to do is remember specific moments about our days, rather than  sweeping generalizations. And some days may have more memorable moments than others. (Like 2 big photos from our Project Runway night - one documenting everyone there and one because we also celebrated a friend's birthday that night.)

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Taking photos everyday is pretty much just something I do now. I'm so happy I have a vehicle in which to showcase those everyday moments!

The Mom Creative


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

This will be wonderful to pass down to your grand and great grand children. They will love to see how you lived your life.

Chantel Klassen said...

I love the feel of your PL, and the way you've used some of the PL page protectors that seem a little "tricky" to me. Love it!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I love your version of "simple" it really keeps the focus on the pictures. Great pages.