Sunday, January 20, 2013

weekend casual | that pink sweater again

The hubs and I had a pseudo movie and dinner date yesterday. (Well, I suppose we can call it a real date night, although I guess technically everything we do together could be called a date).

Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing as Lincoln and, to attest to Spielberg's directing talents, I was on the edge of my seat when the House was counting the votes for the 13th amendment, even though I know how it turns out :)

Vegan pho
Afterwards we went to our favorite vegetarian restaurant in town, Radical Eats. I ordered the special: vegan pho, what was absolutely delicious. Anyone who thinks vegetarian food doesn't have any taste obviously hasn't tried hard enough to look for it.

sweater: Uniqlo / jeans: Old Navy / shoes: Converse / sunnies: Dsquared / scarf: India / bag: MarcJacobs
You can't really tell from this photos, but these jeans, a Christmas gift from Joe's sister, has tiny little polka dots on them. I've been addicted to brightly colored and fun jeans this season. I think a slightly oversized sweater or sweatshirt with a big heart would be perfect with this. But I will make do with pink.


Caramella said...

This movie is already playing here in Rome, I want to go and see it. That soup looks delicious. I'm also fed up of eating meat, since my father is Japanese we eat tofu a lot.

Megan Mae said...

Mm! I wish we had better veg meals around here. I can cook them myself, but even the family wants a bit of meat. I like meat well enough, but sometimes a nice veg meal is good for mixing things up.

Love the pink sweater! You gotta rock what works.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Oh wow, I like any type of pho pretty much - that pic of your is making my mouth water just thinking about the taste of the broth!