Friday, January 18, 2013

working wardrobe | finally friday

top: Anthro / sweater: Uniqlo / skirt: Old Navy / tights: Hue / boots: Nordstrom Rack 
I got a flu shot yesterday and coincidentally (?) the cough that started the night before seemed to be getting worse. So I doused myself with Nyquil last night and went to bed early. I like how it is a "so you can sleep" medicine, but waking up is always so hard (I am currently drinking some strong coffee in hopes of shaking off this groggy feeling).

pink cashmere vneck 01
Needless to say, my yoga and workout routine have been less than ideal this week, but sometimes I think it's good to listen to your body and just rest. Here's to a restful weekend.


Rebecca said...

I have a hard time with NyQuil too. It works great for sleeping, but I always groggy when I wake up.

LyddieGal said...

Oh no! Hope you have a nice, restful weekend and feel better!
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Megan Mae said...

Nyquil always makes me sleep so hard! I'm bad at waking up regardless, much less early like I know you do!

I love your pink sweater. I need to pull out something bright soon. Most of my warmest clothes are dark colors.

E said...

Oh you're cute outfits are reminding me I have a similar pink sweater I need to revive...