Thursday, March 14, 2013

working wardrobe | just another day

top: Ann Taylor / skirt: Theory / shoes: Anthro / necklace: Collingnon Designs / sunnies: Dsquared
Today was just an average, ordinary day. Still glad the sun is out but it's not terribly hot. Yet. And really looking forward to the weekend.

gray pleated skirt 01
I like this skirt but it works better with heels, which I haven't been wearing much lately (although I did yesterday and yoga didn't suffer as much this morning as I thought it would). Still on the fence on whether to keep it...

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Megan Mae said...

If you ever decide to get rid of it... I'd happily take it off your hands. ;P But aside from that I love the skirt on you, especially with flats, though my favorite outfit is with that omg-gorgeous green top. Why is that color so hard to find! It's my favorite green.