Wednesday, October 02, 2013

#ckccbm2013 | wednesday

It's been over a month now since we returned from Burning Man but we still have playa on the brain. Joe has already bought a coat to wear for next year!

morning outfits
Being there all week required packing quite a bit of clothes and being imaginative with what we brought. The hot pink monster hat was a gift from my bestie at camp - so fun! And the fur coat Joe is wearing was mine, but ending up being too long for me to ride my bike comfortably, but luckily it was the perfect length for Joe!

late afternoon/evening outfits
Distrikt, a music camp/club that we went to everyday, had a black and gold themed party on Wednesday.

We all tried to get in the spirit of things and Participate!

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E said...

Burning Man scares me a little but I have to admit the costumes look pretty fun :-)