Friday, January 17, 2014

finally Friday

Has this felt like the longest week? Friday really couldn't come soon enough!

We have been eating lots of greens from a local(-ish) farmer over the past few months. Learned from an FB friend, once a week fresh veggies are delivered by him and enjoyed by us! I bought a family share and it's more vegetables than I would normally buy at the grocery store.

We are learning to eat different veggies and eat more veggies, which is one of our goals for this year. More real food, less stuff from a box! My goal of not eating dessert (i.e. sugar) during the week seems to have had a welcome side benefit as well...5 lbs lighter without a lot of effort. You really are what you eat. 

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The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Wow I wish I could lose 5 pounds by skipping dessert. I never eat dessert and still can't shift the weight.