Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy Saturday

I don't know what my problem is but I haven't been sleeping well at all this week. Too much on my mind, I guess. (I wonder if Aunt Dot coming to visit today has anything to do with it). Work is going to be crazy busy - we are seeing record amounts of patients. This is a good thing, to be growing, but it can be stressful as well! I have also volunteered to make a going away scrapbook for A+P for their going away and thinking about it is stressing me out. I am not sure of now I want it to go. I just bought a scrapbook (and a lot of other supplies) from one of my favorite scrappin' supply sites, Create For Less, so hopefully when I get my new toys I will be more inspired!

Joe cracks me up. He does this thing in his sleep - for whatever reason, any random night of the week, he will get up and decide he needs to put on shorts/pants/whatever. Well last night apparently he thought his tank top was a pair of shorts and put them on that way! When he woke up he thought he was wearing a skirt! What a silly boy!

I am going to drap my a$$ to the gym this morning and do a little cardio. Need to!

9:12 AM
Did my 40 minutes on the elliptical. It's not heart pounding hard, but at least it gets the blood flowing. I really need to get an MP3 player so I can be more motivated when I work out alone. Ipod Nano, here I come!!!

1:59 PM
So I almost set our house on fire this morning as I was making lunch!! I was sauting the chicken on the stove top and turned the broiler on the "lightly toast" the rolls. I sat at the computer for a couple minutes, then remembered I had the bread in the oven. When I opened it up, all I saw were flames coming from the rolls! I immediately closed the oven and turned off the power. Luckily the smoke didn't set the fire alarm off - the fires went out themselves once stopped broiling. Whew, close call!

I made chicken caccatorie subs - the rolls still got a little burnt on my 2nd go round, but no fires! They were quite tasty if I say so myself. Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals are EE Kachinski's 45-60 minute meals, from start to end. But they are getting easier!

We've got some house errands we want to run this evening. I want to fix up the bathroom and also put more hooks on all the doors.

I also talked to Cindy earlier. She seems to be settling in. Miss that girl!

8:06 PM
Aaahhh...domestic bliss. We just finished another Rachael/EE meal - Chicken with tomato and eggplant sauce. Pretty good, but I'm done with Italian.

This afternoon we ran random errands. I got the Sorry CD single at Soundwaves, we went to a couple lighting stores to look at lamps, Loew's to get some things for the bathroom and Ikea for a couple bath mats and light for the bed. Ikea was crazy - too many people! I used to like their stuff, but after looking at really GOOD furniture, Ikea stuff is definitely on the cheap side. Makes C&B look decent!

Joe is now busy putting up the towel rack. What an exciting Sat evening! :)

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