Thursday, April 27, 2006

No more stitches!

Yay! I got 11 stitches taken out this morning. And I am wearing tennis shoes again! Woo Hoo. My footie still somewhat swollen but getting better. And tomorrow I will be able to take a shower!! woo hoo even more!!! Taking baths is for the birds!!!

I may have to work in Austin in Sat. NOT happy about that, but not much I can do. At least I will have Sunday and Monday off. Work is not too fun these days. Struggling to make our numbers this month.

Mom is taking care of 2 little kids this month. Some friends of theirs in their choir is sick, got a liver transplant and is still in the hospital in Dallas. Hopefully she'll be able to give them back soon. Maybe this will quell her desire for grandbabies!!

Feeling kind of blah right now. Not bad just not feeling like doing anything. Lots of random thoughts in my head....

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