Monday, April 10, 2006

NOT a fan...

of vicodin! It my dull the pain, but it makes me feel all groggy and swimmy.

So the doc today basically told me to suck it up and start walking normally on my foot. Apparently the way it's wrapped should be ok for it to hold pressure, etc. So I am gimping along. The hopping thing was working yesterday, but that won't be good for work. I'm glad I have another day off, although I am going a little stir crazy. Maybe I will try to do some laundry today and get something productive done!

I really would like to scrap, but it's too much work to get all the supplies out! I guess I can work on my creativity journal!

I also got an email back from Stacy J saying they are working on her library of memories class for may. I am interested in taking that!

I should work on my A-Z notebook! That's what I'll do!

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