Tuesday, February 10, 2009

another busy week

yoga has been kicking my butt lately - yannis is slowly teaching me how to drop back into a backbend as well as stand back up. it's hard! and I finally started 2nd series - just the 1st pose but it's fun to do something new.

today i am going to pick up my new orthotics as well as buy some baby gifts for Sid - his wife had twins a couple weeks ago and we're having a surprise baby shower at for him at lunch today.

otherwise it's just the same ole same ole. maybe i've been a bit quiet because we just started our puerta vallarta diet last week and i haven't had any sugar!

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Tingaling said...

No sugar - that is the WORST! I am headed to Yoga One tonight - I will have taken 2 classes for only $10! and I like it as it is easier than Sunday yoga...