Sunday, March 28, 2010

Work and play

Now that I am having to dress up for work, I am doing my best to wear and buy clothes that I would like to wear in my normal life. Here is an example of being able to transition from work to play without having to change...03.27.10
I have now worn 2 of the the 3 Liberty of Londton tops purchased recently from Target. I am so in love with the prints I am wondering if I should see if any of the dresses are around still (must stop shopping...must stop shopping...must stop shopping)...I decided to temper the brightness of the top with a neutral cardi, which I think is work-appropriate. The large ruffled collar made me feel a bit like a clown, but in a good way!

Fast foward 8 hours later...I just took off the cardi, pegged the legs of the cords, added some sandals and cool shades and boom! ready to have a relaxing glass of wine before dinner with the fam! I love having a wardrobe that can work double time!


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look so great! I love the way you transitioned the outfit, too...cute, cute, cute! :)

tinger said...

The ruffled collar is not clown-line! I love that top and glad I have a couple of 'em! (good cut for me, since the muffin top can just hang out quietly underneath)