Monday, March 29, 2010

Call me ("fairy") Godmother!

My dearest nephew, affectionately known as JJ, was baptised yesterday. I was honored to be his godmother, while his uncle M on his dad's side is his godfather. The service went pretty well, JJ was only a little fussy and was really an angel during the actual baptism.
2010 03 28 photo
While I am not a very religious person, I feel like I am spiritual and try to lead a decent life so I can be a good role model for JJ. And if anything, I can give him lots of style advice!

I really adore this dress I bought from Anthro. Sometimes I wonder if it is age appropriate, but then sometimes I really don't care!

2010 03 07 photo
And these are just a few of the other boys I am "fairy" godmother to ;)!


Sal said...

Are you kidding? That dress was MADE for you! And what a great dress to become a godmother in!

tinger said...

You looked great yesterday! Thanks again for being JJ's godmother!