Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ruffle-y goodness

Going back to work after 3 days off is made easier with ruffles!
As odd as it may seem, I have actually enjoyed working more these past couple months since "graduating" from scrubs. Since I love clothes and wearing them, I guess I look forward to coming up with new outfits (and of course buying new clothes!). I am also glad that I am finally able to wear my closet full of clothes more than I had in the past.

Right now I am off the Target in the hopes that they are not sold out of my Cynthia Vincent wedges. Keep your fingers crossed!


Lisa said...

Good luck finding the wedges!

I your look today - I feel like the ruffles and coloring makes you a tall and skinny - though it probably helps that you are. :o)

amy kelinda said...

Good luck with the wedges! And hooray for more opportunities to wear your closet of cute clothes!

e. said...

Did you find the wedges? This look is so pretty, and I love those shoes!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

this is SUCH a fabulous look! love the ruffles, love the pattern, love the shoe!
you are looking FABULOUS.