Sunday, April 04, 2010

Some snaps

2010 04 01 photo
My friend, let's call him GG, has the coolest Hermes hippo. It was the only one they didn't sell, because in his words, an old rich man is not going to buy is trophy wife/gf/mistress a hippo charm!

2010 04 02 photo
We went to dinner on Friday night with K, P, C & C. The Cs were visiting from San Antonio. We feasted on lots of good food and wine at Benjy's on Washington.

2010 04 03 photo
I caught the hubs mid-sentence. His expression is priceless!

And what I wore out last night. The whole reason I bought a pair of ankle cowboy boots was because of the fall Shopbop lookbook.

shopbop inspo
This is the look I based my outfit on!

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Tingaling said...

Love that hippo charm!!!