Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Back on track

My schedule has been thrown off a bit this weekend with the family festivities and the what-not. Fortunately I actually had Monday AND today off, which has given me plenty of time to recover. I am driving to the Metroplex to work and stay with the 'rents, which is going to throw the schedule off again, but it's all good.

07.05.10all items remix'd
top: UO
shorts: Gap
shoes: Miss Trish for Target
shades: Tom Ford
scarf: Loft
bag: Gucci

Yesterday the hubs and I were hanging out, doing our usual Monday thing. I went to see, embarrassingly enough, Eclipse with a friend...it was only ok. Some lines were amusing and the action was pretty good when there was action, but it dragged on for too long. The hubs would never be able to sit through 2 hours of that crap!

After the movie, I switched dates back to the hubs and we went out for some tapas.
IMG_11712010 07 05 photoIMG_1173Nothing beats some good food with the one you love!

Today I finally got my hair colored and cut! I decided to change from the red to a bit lighter...my summer 'do.

haircut and color!Before
haircut and color!After
2010 07 06 photoI am diggin' the new highlights!

And what I wore:
07.06.10all items remix'd
top: Gap
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Life Stride
shades: Tom Ford


Megan said...

Eeeeee! Your hair is so cute! I love your pink striped top~

LyddieGal said...

Your new hair is adorable!!
I saw Eclipse this weekend too, it was fun, it had some good moments. I wouldn't go see it again, like my sister who went to the midnight showing on wed, and then again two days later with me!

twilight was something I actively ignored for quite some time, but last summer just said the hell with it, and read all four books. Why not, right?

Chic on the Cheap

Faith J. said...

The highlights look great!

Beck, At Her Best said...

Your hair looks great! Love the striped top, too :)