Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chasing Wake

top: Express, remix'd
skirt: J. Crew, remix'd
shoes: Ann Klein, remix'd
necklace: Francesca's, remix'd
belt: Anthro

I am finally wearing my new belt - love it!

3 things for today:
1. Beautiful sunshine-y day
2. Being nice and sore from yoga last night - working on those backbends!

lilac floral pencil skirt 01
3. Clothes that I love to wear again
pink buuton down 01
and again.

Have a great Thursday!

pink challenge


Sal said...

So lovely. That skirt gets me every time!

Ena said...

LOVE this skirt! And the new belt perfectly matches the skirt!


Anonymous said...

YOU, my darling, are a master remixer. :) And the belt looks amazing on you!

<3 Kim

Louise said...

Oh wow! I love how you remix it so much! Good work, beautiful!

angie said...

You are the queen of remixing!

Matt said...

Super cute!! I love the belt and the print on the skirt is perfect! You do such an amazing job remixing! :)

Rebecca said...

I'm impressed that you have been able to wear that skirt so many different ways.

Megan Mae said...

Love the cut of the pink buttondown. You are really hitting the remix max! I've loved all your outfits this month.

Has anyone in real life noticed you wearing pink every single day? I know you wear it a lot anyway, but I wonder if anyone noticed?

Between Laundry Days said...

You look SO sleek and lovely! And I just have to say how incredibly happy I am that you're doing the three things every day. It makes me want to run all the way to Texas and hug you.

Pamela said...

What a beautiful outfit. Love the skirt! It's such a happy skirt!

Call Me Ishmael

Vanessa said...

I think the current pairing of the pink blouse with the JCrew lilac skirt is my favorite of all of the different ways you've worn the skirt. That belt just makes the whole thing!
I've seen your pics on Flickr's wardrobe remix and am woefully late in making it to your blog! Glad I did!