Monday, January 03, 2011

Week in photos

2010 12 27 photo
Our last day back in Boston we had to eat at one of Joe's favorite places.

2010 12 28 photo
I had to use some of my Christmas GCs immediately.

2010 12 29 photo
Hanging out with the peanut.

2010 12 30 photo
I absolutely love this photo. What a smile!

2010 12 31 photo
It's been over 10 years since I have spent NYE with my besties from high school. I love them!

2011 01 01 photo
Rest and recovery on New Year's Day. The hubs got me a new laptop for Christmas!

2011 01 02 photo
We went to La Mexicana for brunch yesterday. I couldn't believe how beautiful and blue the sky was!

1 comment:

Ena said...

Lovely pictures, as always! I think I got the same laptop from my hubby :)