Friday, January 06, 2012

Finally Friday

all items remix'd
dress: J.Crew
cardi: Target
wedges: Payless
earrings: Tiffany's, gift'd
necklace: Loft
tights: Hue

Is it weird that the hubs and I are in bed before 9 PM and up before 5 AM? I swear we are not grandparents, we just like to sleep! We rarely watch TV these days; in fact the only shows we watch on a regular basis are Modern Family and The Soup. The Soup keeps us up-to-date on pop culture so we feel like we know what's going on, even if we don't!

all items remix'd
top&belt: Anthro
cardi: Express
skirt: Theory
shoes: Taryn Rose
earrings: Collignon Designs, gift'd
necklace: AE

I thought these 2 green outfits would look good in the same post, as they are color I don't typically gravitate to. Pink will always be my signature color, but I like the share the love with other colors in the rainbow.

I am thankful that this is a non-working weekend and we really don't have anything big planned. I could use a nice, long weekend full of nothing.


Kelly said...

You look great in green! I'd say green is my signature color, although I really like pink too!!

Rebecca said...

I wish I could get to bed early and get up early. Even after years of working in an office, I am so not a morning person!

Megan Mae said...

Both of these are adorable. But I wish I could replicate that second outfit exactly. So cute!

I don't think it's weird. I like my sleep, I just keep different hours. I wish I could keep your hours! I need to start "fixing" my sleep schedule so I can start getting up for class.

Style Journey said...

It's totally okay to go to bed early. My husband and I are pretty young, but we love our sleep! This time of night is late for me to be up, but Kayla is at the movies so no rest until she arrives home safe.

Both of these outfits are great. You look really nice in green, I especially like the first outfit.

Cara said...

Your pink is usually adorable, but I love that teal in the second outfit on you!

Jenn said...

That's what I said (about it being finally Friday)! I really love that last outfit because of the darker pieces surrounding the brighter top underneath. Ever since school started, I find I've been watching much less TV than I did in the summer. Yep, summer is a TV-&-reading-fest around my house.

Keely said...

Gorgeous colors in the first outfit and what a beautiful skirt in the second!

Charlotta Grönberg said...

Both of these outfits are so stylish and colourful! I love the fit of that second outfit on you, and you have beautiful legs! :)