Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I am tackling a few big whole-year creative projects, one of which includes my 5th year of taking a photo-a-day! For the 2012 366 edition, I am using my iPhone to take the photos and Instagram and My365 to post the photos, which will simplify things for me (I think I have talked about this simplification in almost every post so far this year...I guess it goes along with "LESS."). So these smile photos will include my POTD, as well as any other random thing that, well, makes me smile!

Thali! I miss India...

Playing with the new fisheye lens I received for Christmas.

My 2011 POTD project all made into monthly mini-books.

The photo wall I made for our NYE party.

Spending NYE with dear friends.

Spending the 2nd with the hubs.

Those eyes.


Beck, At Her Best said...

Your Photo wall is impressive! and that dish looks delicious. It's lunch time here and thats making me even hungrier :)

Rebecca said...

I love Indian food. Unfortunately, I am not very good at cooking it.

Megan Mae said...

Wow! What a great idea for your POTD project and your photo wall looks incredible!

Sayaka said...

I love the picture collage you made for you New Years. That looks amazing!! And is that your little girls? She is SO adorable!!

amy kelinda said...

WOW, I love the mini photo books! That's so clever! And the photo wall? Consider me impressed. Gah, the picture of the food is making me angry for not having "reach into the computer and grab food out it" technology. *fumes*