Friday, August 03, 2012

finally Friday

top: Anthro / skirt: Loft / shoes: old Navy / sunnies&bag: Gucci / necklace: Collingnon Designs

I work almost every other weekend so by the time my weekend off rolls around (which starts tomorrow  - woot!), I am physically and mentally exhausted. Add watching the Olympics evening events to actually see the results instead of reading them on the Internet makes an even more tired girl.

I made a decision this morning to skip my regular yoga practice (I know, the days I don't want to practice are the days I should really go - but I am practicing tomorrow when I normally take off so I've got it covered) and sleep in (which is about 6 AM instead of my usual 4:30 AM). I did do some cardio and now I am feeling ready to face this last day of the work week.

This bumper sticker made me smile yesterday. Will be my motto for the weekend!

Have a good one!


Wendy said...

I'm grateful I don't have to come into the office over weekends, but I"m so busy with all the other bits and running around that I wish for a real weekend off.

Love the bumper sticker ... I think I'll make it my motto for the weekend as well.


Megan Mae said...

Sometimes you just gotta sleep in and chill. Although I'd kill for your sleep schedule. I am such a nightowl and getting up in the mornings is so hard.

Have a great weekend!

vogue-sky said...

Love all the pics, fabulous style.

LyddieGal said...

Your weekends must be really wonderful after such a long work week.
love that turquoise skirt!
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