Friday, December 28, 2012

the coolest gift

One of my best friends in high school hosted our foreign exchange student our senior year.
We took KB and welcomed him with open arms into our group of friends.

Fastforward 20+ years...yesterday after coming home from a movie date (This is 40 - highly recommend, although it was long, some places I laughed so hard I was crying!), imagine my surprise to find this in a package we received:
Just received the coolest gift - a dear friend from high school recorded a mixed tape I made for him onto a cd with copies of the original tape!
a cd copy of a mixed tape I made KB, along with copies of the actual cover and writing from 1988! What touched me most was not necessarily receiving the gift in the mail, but that he kept this tape for so long. I am glad to know I am not the only sentimental one of my friends. And say all the negative things you want about Facebook, I am thankful that it has allowed me to stay in better touch and at least know what is going on in the lived of people that I don't necessarily talk to every day but am glad to know they are doing well.

The end of the year always makes me a bit nostalgic and sentimental. Here's to a fantastic last weekend of the month!


Style Journey said...

What a super cool gift! I love your hair in the top photo :)

Rebecca said...

What a sweet gift!

Megan Mae said...

What an incredibly cool gift! Facebook has it's downfalls, but it does continue to exist for a reason - it's hard to keep in touch in these busy days and every little bit helps.

LyddieGal said...

what a sweet gift, and a clever idea! Do you still love all the songs on it?
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