Tuesday, January 28, 2014

project life 2014 | the beginning

January is seriously flying by! I guess life goes by quicker and quicker the older we get. -Sigh-

One of the reasons I love memory keeping and Project Life so much is that I want to REMEMBER all (or at least some) of the little things that made up our daily lives. I'm finding these days I am less motivated to take photos at big functions (or at least as many photos) and more wanting to take a picture of our farmer's market veggies. But it's all good.

title page
The only way for me to do this project is to keep it super simple. Print our my favorite photos, use some cute cards and add a few little embellishments here and there. Voila, it's all done!

Like clothes (or any hobby, really), it's easy to get caught up in all the new product available out there to buy. I've got enough stuff to make scrapbooks for me, my family and friends and still have left over. The goal this year to use up what I have and not buy buy buy.

week one, full spread
I also want to have more white space in my layouts this year. I obsessively look at Project Life photos on IG and the spreads I am most attracted to have lots and lots of white space.

week one, left side
Still doing this weekly, but using a full photo for the title card this year. I also would like to include more meaningful journaling, instead of just adding what happened in the photo. The writing is the most difficult part for me.

week one, right side
Since the first week of January was a shorter, I decided to dedicate this whole page to my friends' birthday night. So even though I said I won't be taking as many photos of big events, I happened to take quite a few this night. And that's ok too!


Anonymous said...

lovely! i have the same issue with white space. the photos of other people's pages with lots of white space are always my favorite, but i just can't quite make it happen in my own pages. it doesn't feel like "me" and i need a bit more color. :)

Craftcherry said...

I love how simple your pages are, the white space really makes the pictures pop. I'm going to work on simplifying this year AND using my current supplies.

Julie Coryell (I Am JuJu) said...

Love the simplicity and the white space. I too am going back to simple & I have really been enjoying that. Also, really love how your weekly title card is a picture with a digital brush.

lisaplus6 said...

I adore your title page! I used potty people on my title page, too :)