Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Color me annoyed

I am unable to locate my Canon point-and-shoot camera. I am hoping it will turn up as we clean up the house but I am afraid it may have been stolen out of my car (which was unlocked this morning). I am keeping my fingers crossed that Joe may find it in the madness of our house, but am really annoyed right now.
I like taking remix photos with my SLR, but the PaS is sometimes so much more convenient! Boo!


Elaine said...

Oh, I hope nobody stole it!! :(

Love that color on you!

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amy kelinda said...

Oh no, I hope you find your camera! It would be a bummer if it was stolen. Ugh, and such a disgusting thing to think about too – that someone was snooping around in your car! Hopefully it turns up! I love the bright fuschia-purple color!

Lisa said...

I love your neck baubles and the great Anthro skirt. You always look so cheerful!

Hope you find/found your camera!

Anonymous said...

hoping you will find your camera, from other side, even if it was stolen, at least your car is not stolen or ruined....

Lady Cardigan said...

That is awful - I hope your camera turns up! This is an amazing outfit, love the skirt and the color of the sweater.